What is WebHome?

WebHome is a “profile” on the open social web. WebHomes are designed to free people from the control of giant social networks, while providing a way to connect with friends and follow their updates. WebHomes connect to each other and form a decentralized, peer-to-peer social network. 

What is WebHome.org?

WebHome.org is the headquarters of a movement - a movement which is aimed at freeing the social connections of people from the control of large corporations and bringing them back to the open web.

Is it a software?

Webhome is just a name for a web destination that represents a real person and works as their “profile” and online ID. Different software may work as a webhome. Different sites may offer webhome functionality, or webhome hosting. If you think of a “website” as of a “place”, then “webhome” would be somebody’s “home”.

How is it different from Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

Social networks control your profile, they know your data, they have access to all your connections and all your personal information. If for whatever reason, you close or lose your profile, all your connections would be lost. Moreover, all your posts, notes, comments, actions, behavior, photos - everything can be potentially accessed and used by social network operators. We call these sites “webprisons.”

Webhomes, in contrast, may be completely independent. Your very own blog or website can be your webhome and still have “Friends” and “Updates”. Take it down, change it, move it, do whatever you need - it’s yours.

Webprisons, may, eventually, serve as “webdorms”. This means, for example, that once Facebook lets you connect your profile to other webhomes, you can use that as a webhome. Not as cool as an independent webhome, but at least you wouldn’t be webhomeless.

Is it like DiSo, Status.net, Diaspora, OneSocialWeb, Noserub?

Lots of bright minds came up with different projects, which made WebHome possible. For the most part, we have only seen protocols, technologies, solutions, tools, platforms and some promises. We believe that it is now time to get things together and actually start building the decentralized network we have all been dreaming about.

That’s why WebHome.org is not a technology, not a network, not a platform. WebHome is a movement...a call to action…a meeting point for the revolution.

Why do you think you would succeed?

First, the time is right. We have the technology, and we have the need. Second, we have the power. BoonEx is an established provider of free community software, with experience and an audience, big enough to kick-start the global change.

How can I participate or ask more questions?

Via the Forum.

BoonEx for the open social web.